Professor Jan Breman; “Nothing is new except the history that we have forgotten”.

“Poverty is a choice”

The unrest in the world is increasing. The sparks are certainly being visible but not recognized by the mass media as such, and can grow into global trouble spots. The gap between rich and poor is widening. Why poverty is not an individual choice but to present economic production to keep a necessity rather profitable. Profitable for who? Poverty is a choice, not of individuals but of the ‘system’.

What notes Netherlands of these global developments and what can be done to prevent it. The number of Self-employed workers in the Netherlands for example in increasing vast, that should work without any protection and collectivity. At a lower gross wage

A visual bookwork about the need for a global reassessment of capital and labour. Poverty exists because of the structural undervaluation of labour, due to the large (systematic)
exclude. How about that? We are taken on the basis of Prof. J. C. Breman experience for its realities of exclusion and understand.



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